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Jan 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
.r. stone is following the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: pam, the fbi is in the early stages of this dig. what they're doing now is more preliminarysetting up a 40 foot work area for crews to safely work in. we're talking about a well that is pretty deep so they want to make sure their site is safe. this is new video into our newsroom in the last hour. you can see all of the experts there on the ground.this is something we did not see monday and most of the day tuesday. they are starting to go through that dirt. those with the fbi say the well is so small it's hard to see. they've cleared this area around it. a number of backhoes are also being used. they aren't actually digging into the well. they are digging at the areas around the abandoned well. crews who are out there are going to be hand sifting through the actual well. one that is 5 feet in diameter. this is a 50 foot deep wellsomething that is going to keep them busy for at least two weeks. those with the fbi tell me that they are down 10 feet so far. this is an operational the next day or two they will start
Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
on the abandoned well which is at the center of the f-b-i search. >> the fbi will bring its local, state, but international resources necessary. >> reporter: this area have been cleared with a 10-15 the area ought to be used to search for bones. people in the area of reacted. >> i do not want to waste my breath. somebody so disgusting that was in this area when i did live here. >> reporter: the fbi saying that it used test equipment to go into the ground but had not reached the bottom of the well. however, by friday, they reached at at 200 ft. on thursday --. and a special equipment or half to be brought in. >> now it is friday. are five days into this. the fbi says it will take a few days to get that water out. then they'll put their camera down the well to see what's inside.finally after those two steps they will start sifting for human remains. obviously lots of work to be done. j.r. stone kron 4 news. after the break. >> pam: a look inside boeing's 787 dreamliner jumbo jet. which touched down in san jose this morning. q x >> pam: the suspect in the colorado movie theatre shooting wo
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm PST
. is not hers. the news comes. as f-b-i investigators continue to dig up another site. for remains of possible victims of the so-called "speed freak killers." kron-4's j-r stone just spoke to michaela garecht's mother. he joins us live tonight with her reaction to the j-r? >> reporter: she told me that the police department called and had information that she had to come down to the station. she did not know if they had found remains or not found. they soon found that they have not. >> it has not been that long since i have heard so i'm still sorting it out. i cam tell you i am pretty exhausted. i find myself some feelings of a sense of relief that it is not her. that may be, there is still hope. deep down inside one i was sitting there and they told me that this sensation that i felt was honestly one of relief. there is a part of the pact probably test does not want to know. >> reporter: certainly a roller coaster for this parent. you can see that they thought that her bones were found and perhaps in another area but that did not happened. but officials out there and f.b.i. agents are searchi
Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm PST
into an s-u-v and drove off. the woman was not seriously hurt. >> the f-b-i continuing to search an abandoned well in linden for potential victims of the so-called speed freak killers. today they discovered the well which they thought was 50-feet deep. turned out to be 200-feet deep. no signs of human remains have been found. >> cal-trans and the c-h-p are asking for 31-million dollars to install a network of security cameras on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the bay area toll authority had originally alloted 8- million dollars for the system. experts say the bridge needs the system because it's viewed as a potential terrorist target. much like the golden gate bridge. >> the bay area is in for another night of freezing temperatures. this is video today of snow dusting the peak at mount hamilton in the south bay. from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news.. how cold will it get? jacqueline bennett is back with another look at the forecast. >> jacqueline: catherine, that system from yesterday still cross some cold temperatures. the shower activity is on the coastal ar
Jan 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
for the first time, fbi technicians are taking over from san joaquin sheriff's deputies, >> i can tell you we have the best doing this excavation. >> pam: at least two dozen forensic specialists. will be working over three weeks. to excavate a well in a rural section of san joaquin county. they are searching victims. kron-4's scott rates is in linden. with more. >> reporter: working crews are wrapping up behind me. once the sun goes down the are done for the day. they will be back first thing tomorrow searching for any evidence that could have been left by the speed freak killers. all day long agents using dacko's have been taking in sifting through dirt. to the san walking valley. just 100 yds away. were they found thousands of loans last year. >> they have been working with various agencies. the two-part strategy that involved a plan for accurate information concerning the burial sites. >> of this will be from sun up to sun down. this could be even 20 years ago from sherman time. otherwise known as the speed freak killers. wesley shermantine and loren zerzog.. >> reporter: if nothing was fo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5